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Valuable clinical data enters your organization in various ways. Extract Systems Platform can be deployed enterprise-wide to automate handling of incoming data. Extract has a document management solution for departments such as inpatient, outpatient, HIM, clinics, specialties and primary care, that assists in keeping workflows consistent, accurate and quick.
Do you need:
  • Better discrete data from external documents to improve quality reporting?
  • To get faxed documents and relevant clinical data from them into the EMR quicker?

  • Better consistency and accuracy when filing data and documents in your EMR?

  • Clinical lab results extracted and filed as discrete, trendable data in the EMR?

Extract's intelligent platform can be extensively configured and our automated process enables you to make faster and better decisions when information is available where and when you need it. We are more than just an automated data capture system or a document management system; we assist with workflow management and workflow automation, data capture, extraction, and redaction of relevant data.
Join us as we discuss our latest features and updates, and see how Extract's solution can work across all of your organization's departments and grow out as more of your departments roll-out with the software.