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Learn how Extract can automate your incoming fax and scanned document workflows, so your staff can focus on patient care. Throughout this webinar, we will be covering a few different scenarios that you might be able to resonate with. 

Do any of these scenarios apply to your organization?

  • Clinicians struggle to find scanned documents or faxes in the EMR because they are simple scanned to the media or documents tab among potentially 100’s of other documents.
  • Clinicians struggle to find documents in the EMR because they are labeled incorrectly or inconsistently
  • The dates used to label documents are the dates they were scanned NOT the date of service making it harder for clinicians to know if they are looking at the most recent results
  • Clinicians need to wade through 30+ page new patient packets instead of having them separated and labeled by document type and indexed with date of service so that they can search for specific items in the most recent documents more easily
  • HIM staff does a lot of manual indexing – choosing document type manually, typing out the document description, etc.
  • HIM staff cannot easily scan to the order or encounter/visit level and associate incoming documents with existing orders or encounters/visits where appropriate
  • Documents take weeks or longer to get into the EMR because either the process to get the documents to HIM takes too long and/or the backlog of documents to be scanned is large

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