The Extract Systems Platform

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Workflow Automation for Healthcare

Wednesday, October 28th at 10:30am CST

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Join us to see a 30 minute overview of our platform, demonstrating how you can automate your incoming document workflows.  Unstructured, non-interfaced documents pose a challenge for HIM departments.  Our HealthyData Platform classifies, indexes, and abstracts these documents automatically, reducing errors, manual data entry, and the time it takes them to reach the EMR or DMS.

What is the Extract Systems Platform?

Extract Systems is a fast and accurate software solution for automated indexing, redaction, extraction and document classification.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Finds valuable information in unstructured documents or data sources
  • Continuous machine learning to improve accuracy
  • Optimizes the verification process through tools, pre-validation, logic checks, and data standardization
  • Scales to the size your organization needs
  • Saves data and documents where your organizations needs them
  • 99% or higher accuracy for data extraction and redaction
  • Reduces manual data entry
  • Time and cost savings 

Can't make the webinar?  Check out a prior recording here.