The transplantation evaluation process is the lifeline of the program. If it does not consistently produce sufficient, well-matched candidates for your program, the program will not succeed. 

This session will explore creating and sustaining Evaluation Process, which in turn will contribute to a successful transplantation program.

Tune in to hear two experts discuss tactics designed to target the special opportunities ans challenges of this critical phase of your transplant program.


  • Aligning your business model to drive results through the evaluation process
  • Evaluating technology tools for handling increased patient data from the initial screening to test results and registry compliance
  • Handling communication with referrers regarding patients who are not not candidates
  • Considerations for multi-disciplinary team assessments to ensure compliance
  • Best practices for waitlist management


12fa805_2.jpg Dr. John Daller, MD, PhD, FACS

Dr. John Daller is the former Director of several transplant programs and has expertise in all aspects of transplant program management, as well as hospital program development including clinical, regulatory, business, and administrative leadership via his company Strategic Illuminations.

3842e00_5.jpg Gary Sigle, RN, MBA

Gary is the abdominal Transplant Administrator for Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City and has experience in the following areas: improving laboratory efficiency and services, CMS cost reporting, documentation, and coding compliance with FDA investigational regulations, oversight of JCAHO compliance, compliance with United Network for Organ Sharing policies, and CMS regulations.