Jefferson County, WI

Required Redaction

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The US Federal Trade Commission received 250,854 identity theft complaints during 2010, nearly one-fifth of the entire number of complaints received by the agency. Wisconsin ranked 40th nationally, with just over 2,500 complaints.

In 2010, Wisconsin passed legislation that directed all Registers of Deeds to protect citizens by redacting Social Security Numbers from land records. The law unilaterally increased real estate recording fees for a defined period to help offset the cost. Jefferson County was using an Oracle system to record land records and needed a redaction solution that returned redacted images in a format that could easily integrate with Oracle. Additionally, during a time of high national unemployment, the county sought to have the services provided by Wisconsin workers. Extract Systems was selected because of ID Shield’s industry-leading accuracy and its ability to hire Wisconsin-based workers to verify Jefferson County’s redacted records.

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