Exact Sciences sought a flexible solution to help automate the order entry process accurately and efficiently. The solution would need to be able to interpret documents and not always expect information within a particular location on that document like other OCR solutions. The system would also require integration into the Exact Sciences' current order entry system in order to provide the document classification continuously in an easily accessible and secure location.

Exact Sciences switches to Extract and nearly doubles their order entry volume without an increase in staff.

Exact Sciences is a medical diagnostic company that offers non-invasive colon cancer screening tests. Exact quickly realized that doctor’s offices still rely heavily on faxing and was experiencing compounding issues that led to a high degree of manual input with regards to their incoming fax workflow—consisting of 85% of total order volume.  Exact was receiving 1,000 faxes per day that had to be separated into 8 different categories.  This process required the data entry team to manually enter all the data from order requisition forms.