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Automated Document Handling and Abstraction Improves the Quality of Patient Records and Merit-based Incentive Reporting

MONDAY, OCTOBER 9 FROM 12:00 - 12:50


Time spent on quality of care is of utmost importance. With Extract’s automated document handling, indexing, and data extraction software you can do just that. Our software can automatically identify and route documents such as incoming faxes or scans, while identifying discrete patient data to help you in your MIPS reporting endeavors. This way you can avoid penalties and ensure proper diagnosis for patient safety.
Extract can provide many measures for you in a way that is easily reportable for maximized performance incentives. Ejection Fraction % values, discrete HbA1C results, and other MIPS-related procedures such as colonoscopies, mammograms and imaging are just a few examples of capturable fields.

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